Our Work

Manama PRI specialises in the activities of research, strategy, policy, and program design, evaluation and implementation of projects in several thematic areas.

http://reborn-babies-dolls.com/?p=218 We work in the following areas: economics, education & skills, energy, environment, health & social policy, industry, science & technology, technology transfer, trade, development cooperation, and others. To see how PRI’s work themes and project areas intersect, go to Project Areas.


Recent Work


Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada

Policy Research International (PRI) is preparing a report for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade on its Global Commerce Support Program. The Global Commerce Support Program has as its objective to build stronger and more competitive Canadian capacity in the global economy and to support high value jobs for Canadians focussing on: innovation, investment promotion and support for industry associations. PRI is analyzing performance measurement data, and this will be used to complete the Annual Performance Report for FY 2011-2012 for the program.


Other Work