Publications & Reports

where to buy clomid or serophene Evaluation of Sida’s Support to Innovation Systems and Clusters a Research Cooperation Initiative
Amitav Rath, Bitrina Daniel Diyamett, Mario Francisco Bazán Borja, Fernando Prada Mendoza, Francisco Sagasti
2012 Paper Industrial Energy Efficiency, Economic Development and Poverty Reduction
Amitav Rath
2011 Paper


Acceleration of Millenium Development Goals in Samoa: Policy Analysis with a Focus on Requirements for Industrial Growth
Amitav Rath
2011 Paper


Evaluation of Research Cooperation: Burkina Faso and Sweden Sida
Amitav Rath, Hocine Khelfaoui, Jacques Gaillard
2009 Paper


SAREC Support to International and Regional Thematic Research Programs, 2000-2005
Amitav Rath, Gunilla Björklund, Mary Ann Lansang, Oliver Saasa, Fancisco Sagasti
2006 Paper


Hepatitis C: A Literature Scan Focussing on the International Dimensions
Amitav Rath, Leonor Alvarado
2006 Paper


Energy, Women and Rural Poverty: A Review Focusing on Latin America
Amitav Rath
2005 Paper


The Forum on South-South Cooperation in Science and Technology
Amitav Rath, Sherry Lealess
2000 Paper


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